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I for one think there is just too much negativity in this world. You can barely walk down the street these days without having some smuck looking at you like you’ve done something wrong. I really have had enough of it and these days I choose to just relax and do things at my own pace.

Most of my time is spent just sitting back as I watch gay porn at That gets me through the day very easily and I know that at a moments notice I can always go back for more.

It sure does beat messing around with people in general. Not only am I getting all the cock I could ever need, but I am getting it at a rate that I can barely keep up. I sure do have my hands full, but do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Posted By Trendy on 08/25/19

I’ve always wondered if straight guys are just gay guys who haven’t had gay sex yet. I mean, if the right guy comes along, wouldn’t they immediately drop to their knees and suck their cock like it was their last drop of water in the desert? Maybe, maybe not. But when I see sites like and all the fuckery that goes on there, it really makes me wonder if “straight” is even a real thing.

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