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Posted By Admin on 10/04/18

Yeah, the “small cocks” part is definitely stereotyping but I work in the porn industry. I see many pics and vids and it is a fact that the porn industry favours big cocks. So I am telling you that even being exposed predominantly to the guys who are well above average in endowment, the stereotype is applicable with an overwhelming frequency.

That doesn’t detract from the fact that these guys are very attractive and have amazing bodies. And, while you don’t need to be smart to fuck, there is also the stereotype that they are more intelligent on average which is also a proven fact.

I think I’m scraping here to find positives now; to remain polite about something I simply have no interest in, let me get to the point.

You can use this discount for up to 50% off at Asian BF Videos which is a sweet discount off the regular price and should you choose to renew your membership month-to-month you will retain this discounted rate, inflation free, even after the special has expired, in fact for the rest of your life.

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Posted By Admin on 06/12/18

For some bizarre reason my mind flashed back to one of my all time favourite comedies; the classic Spaceballs with the fighting scene between Dark Helmet and Lone Starr. Perhaps the title line makes sense if it didn’t the first time; and hopefully the thought gives you as good a chuckle as it did me. I didn’t exactly stop by to tell you about comedies though. You’ll likely find that the membership rates to Gay Room has been seriously cut.

That’s right, I am happy to let you know that you can save big with our Gay Room discount for up to 84% off. 30-day passes have been reduced substantially and will, for a limited period of time, only cost $10.08, an figure as queer as the models themselves. Yearly memberships is where the crazy value is at. An 84% discount in this category sees the normal price down to only $4.99 per month equivalent. And, the cherry on top, this gives you complete access to 12 sites total, not just one. A membership like this for less than 5 bucks is simply a steal, don’t miss out.

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Posted By Admin on 11/28/17

Gay Hoopla? I’m a little nervous to ask how the name came about. The picture in my mind is one guy doing the helicopter with his dick firm up his partner’s ass.

That would be far too dangerous though right? Someone could break a nail!

Yeah, that little screaming queen joke I made doesn’t even apply here. Truckloads of hunks line the pages to which you can affordably be privy to with a Gay Hoopla discount for 67% in savings.

Yup, that’s a 67% savings!

There are more than 1,00 scenes and over 200 picture sets to perv over and perving is in no way an exaggeration here.

These hunks are so fit that they look like professional athletes. The only thing that separates them is that these guys are all handsome too. If we can’t keep up, we can at least keep our cocks up.

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Posted By Admin on 05/29/17

Gay studs get together for a more than just a little circle jerk. Gay orgies and fantasies are fulfilled here in a plethora of styles; angles and the videos are filmed in full HD.

Gay Group Sex Videos discount for 67% off in savings offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the standard price being reduced. Your pocket will now only be lighter by $9.95 for an annual monthly fee. And your entertainment will be so much richer. You will also be glad to hear that your membership unlocks access to 11+ additional sites of this genre as you become an unrestricted member of the network.

The network frequently adds content and offers you loads of videos for streaming or downloading. Picture sets are also available for browsing or downloading in zip format.

If muscled stud orgies floats your boat, you’re in for a treat!

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Posted By Admin on 02/16/17

The horny guys over at Gay Room have done it again; their new Massage Bait site is a joy to behold. The guys are hot, muscular, naked and all oiled-up and face-down on the massage table. Ready to get a slippery, sexy, full-body massage, and oops, a penis somehow slips into a tight unsuspecting asshole! Well, perhaps it’s not quite that simple, but the fantasy is there. And during a standard rub-down the guys do end up getting hand jobs, oily cock-play, ass play and fingering, rimming, internal prostate stimulation … and of course, some good old-fashioned butt-fucking too! Right now, if you care to take advantage of it, you can save 84% off instantly with this Massage Bait discount, or perhaps check out some of our other gay porn reviews and discounts – there’s plenty of hot gay sex only a few clicks away!

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